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Ubon Ratchathani

Getting to know Ubon Ratchathani

lotus"City of beautiful lotus. The two-colored river. Delicious fish. Sand beaches. Rocky cataracts. Thai local scholars. Dharma-abiding citizenry. Magnificent Lent candle. And pre-historic Pha taem." is the slogan that reflects all the interesting aspects of Ubon Ratchathani. These aspects reveal a picture of Ubon as a major site of an agrarian civilization that date back to pre-historic times. It was also a cradle of multi-ethic groups. Ubon has also been the center of Buddhism and regional administration in the Northeast.

In terms of geographical environment. Ubon is the most easterly province where you can see the sunrise before anywhere else in the country. The forestation along the Thai-Lao-Cambodian borders is the source of numerous varieties of flora and fauna. It is also the meeting point of the three major rivers, the Mekong. Chi and Mun, which have been Ubon's bloodlines for centuries.

buddha-lentUbon Ratchathani is part of the Korat Basin in the South of the Northeast Region. It is approximately 630 kilometers from Bangkok. The third largest province in Thailand, its area is 10 million rais Wat Pa Nanachat with 20 districts (Amphoe) and 8 sub-districts (King Amphoe). The terrain in such a vast piece of the earth definitely varies. Ubon is also called “the land of rivers.” due to the fact that the Chi and Mun come to join with the Mekong in the east side of the province, creating the Thai-Lao natural boundary. It has also created a key fresh-water fishing site. As the largest rice field in the Northeast, Ubon's paddies are filled with both ordinary and glutinous kinds of rice.

mekongTo the South of Ubon is the Phanom Dong Rak Mountain Range, a natural border between Thailand and Laos as well as Combodia. It lies along the East up to Amphoe Khong Chaim where it begins to meet with the Phu Phan Mountains. These mountains are mostly sandstone with large boulders, slabs and steep, high cliffs. They are covered with varieties of dense forests such as Dry dipterocarp. Mix deciduous and swamp forests. Theses forests in the South and the Mekong to the East greatly affect the climate in Ubon, making it the first province in the Northeast to become cool with more rain in the rainy seasons. In addition to that, Ubon's location allows it to see the sunrise before any other places in the country.

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Public Transportation in Ubon Ratchathani

transportEven though there are no traditional taxis in Ubon Ratchathani, public transportation is plentiful. You can get most anywhere you want or need to go in Ubon with one form of public transportation or another. Of course it's easier when you have your own transportation and know where you are going. But tourists and visitors don't always have that luxury. Public transportation is convenient as you don't need to worry about parking or fighting the traffic. Most public transportation in Ubon is reasonably priced and fairly safe as well.

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The Land of Buddhism and Civilization

temple-in-ubonIn the similar fashion to the Chao Phraya's division of Bangkok and Thon Buri, the Mun River flows between Amphoe Muang and Warin Chamrap, with the Seri Pracha Thippatai Bridge to connect people on both sides of the river. The old city of Warin Charap is railway hub with the old commercial quarter and lots of old buildings with Thai, Chinese, Lao and Vietnamese styles.

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About Ubon Ratchathani

candleUbon Ratchathani is the easternmost province in Thailand. There is a sign posted on the Mekong River stating that from this point you can be first in Thailand to view the sunrise. Ubon is one of seventeen provinces that make up the Northeastern or Isaan Region of Thailand. The people here are the grassroots of the country. The service and agricultural industries thrive because of Isaan.

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Getting to Ubon Ratchathani

getting_to_ubonOne of the great things about Ubon Ratchathani is the variety of ways available to travel to and from Ubon. I love travelling around Thailand and love to see different life in each part of Thailand. The combination of being in Isaan and having access to multiple modes of transportation is the perfect situation. Travel to, and around in Thailand by planes, trains and automobiles and buses too.

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Place to stay in Ubon Ratchathani

accommodation-in-ubonAre you looking for a hotel in Ubon Ratchathani? You will be pleasantly surprised to discover there is a wide selection of hotels to choose from in the city. It should not be too difficult to find a hotel in Ubon that satisfies your needs for budget, location, facilities and comfort. There are vintage hotels and new modern contemporary styles. Here you will find hotels that have a nightly rate of 400-1000 Thai Baht or more per night. The rooms available are standard, deluxe, superior and a variety of suites. I am sure you will find Ubon Ratchathani hotels will fill your needs.


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