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Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony in Thailand

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Trang Uuderwater Wedding Ceremony


Wedding_underwaterThe inaugural Millennium Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony was held for the first time on Valentine's Day 2000. The event which attracted 30 participants from 28 countries set a new Guinness World Record and put Trang on the world map. Video footage of the underwater wedding extravaganza was seen on international TV networks as well as in print media.

Given its uniqueness and popularity, Trang’s underwater wedding ceremony has become an annual event. Although it is named the underwater wedding ceremony, the promotion was designed to promote the various interesting aspects of the traditional Thai wedding ceremony and presents an opportunity for couples from around the world to personally experience the enchanting aspects of the Thai wedding and its time-honoured traditions such as the colourful 'khan maak' procession.

The clock is ticking. The bells of love are ringing, signaling the coming of Valentine's Day. Love is in the air, love is in the air… particularly for most loving couples.

But it's not the case for some couples traveling to Ko Kradan in Trang province because, for them, love will actually be in the water. They will be there to commemorate their love on Valentine's Day, by holding their wedding ceremony underwater.

wedding_under_water_festivalThis is the 5th consecutive year that this unusual wedding rite has been held at Ko Kradan, a small pristine island off the coast of Trang province in the south of Thailand. The first rite took place in 1997 when the provincial authorities staged the world's first underwater wedding ceremony on Valentine's Day.

At the first time, only two couples took the plunge for the specially organized ceremony but it started to catapult the quiet Trang province into international awareness as it was recorded in the Guinness Book. Since then, Ko Kradan has been promoting itself as Valentine's Island.

The event has grown in popularity over recent years from the two couples who participated in 1998, doubling to four in 1999, and skyrocketing to 30 couples in 2000 when Trang joined forces with Thai Airways International to launch a special promotional package for the underwater wedding ceremony.

The island has increasingly been a favorite destination for loving couples with passion for each other and for scuba diving.

weddingCurrently, the underwater wedding ceremony is listed in the province's calendar of events and the provincial authorities have been working closely with the Tourism Authority of Thailand to use this event to boost tourism and strengthen the province's profile on the map for international tourism.

You might be wondering how an underwater wedding ceremony works. First of all, guests will be taken by a procession of boats to a platform off Ko Waen (Ring Island).

Next, the participating couples and any spectators dive down to a specially prepared underwater location. The couples exchange rings and have their marriage certificates registered underwater, and are given a water-resistant copy after they surface.

After completing the ceremony underwater, all the couples will receive a cheerful speech and a party celebrating their love.

When the ceremony is over, the knot is tied yet the love still lingers and hopefully, it will stay forever. Feel like having a wet wedding?

For more information :

TAT Trang Office Tel. : +66 (0) 75215867, +66 (0) 7521 1058, +66 (0) 7521 1085

Trang Tourism Coordination Centre, Tel. +66 (0) 7521 5867-8

Trang Chamber of Commerce, Tel. +66 (0) 2545 3322

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