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Advice Staying Safe on Koh Samui

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Advice Staying Safe on Koh Samui


Born therefore, like so many other resorts of backpacker's private discoveries, Koh Samui forty years on boasts a network of roads, an entire tourism infrastructure and hourly flights landing at the picturesque airport. If purists might lament this transformation, the island nonetheless retains much of its magic and international tourism has done little so far to mar the intrinsic tropical beauty.

I would like to wish you a wonderful time on this tropical island and hope your staying is an enjoyable. While I'm sure you will have great time on the island, unpredictable circumstances may demand immediate attention. Please make yourself familiar with general safety tips and keep emergency numbers where you can easily find them.

Road Safety

safety_roadKoh Samui has the highest amount of motorbike accidents in the kingdom of Thailand. If you decide to rent a motorbike please keep your wits about you as the roads are dangerous. Wear your crash helmet otherwise you might find yourself on the end of a loosely enforced fine or worse-a stay at one of Samui's expensive hospitals... Also keep an eye out for the sand patches.

Personal Safety

personal_safetyKoh Samui is considered a safe destination, but of course, these new to the environment should be a little wary until they have become more familiar with their surroundings. Although they are scams waiting for the greedy or navie, there is very little duress or violence to contend with. Most people enjoy a hassle-free holiday on Koh Samui.


drugsOf course, doing drugs in Thailand is illegal. What you may not know is that the drug laws here are very strict and with harsh penalties. A foreigner in possession of a small amount of marijuana might be lucky to be let off with a fine, but any other drugs will probably put you into jail. If you get offered drugs simply refuse as the jails on Koh Samui are not known for their 5 stars hospitality.

Safe Sex

safe_sexWe don't care how drunk you get, there is no excuse for not wearing a condom. Sexually transmitted diseases are prevalent in Thailand with HIV/AIDS spreading at worrisome speeds, resulting mostly from unprotected sexual contacts. Promiscuous sex anywhere can be dangerous and travelers and locals are potential sources of STDs and HIV/AIDS. Protect yourself with the use of condom.


Please take care of your personal belongings and don't leave valuables lying around. If you plan to go Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party be especially careful as this is where you are most likely to have things stolen. Exercise proper caution and be aware.

emergency_numbersEmergency Numbers


Tourist Police- 077 430 018

Emergency- 1155

Immigration Office- 077 421 069


Bandon International Hospital- 077 425 382

Bangkok Samui Hospital- 077 429 500

Chaweng Hospital- 077 230 781

Samui International Hospital- 077 422 272


Amex- 02 273 0020

Master Card/Visa- 02 299 1990

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