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The Gecko in Thailand

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The Gecko in Thailand

thai_geckoWhether you're staying on a beach or in a town, chances are you'll be sharing your room with a few geckos (even in my room). These pale green tropical lizards, which are completely harmless to humans and usually measure a cute four to ten centimeters in length, mostly appear at night, high up on walls and ceilings, where they feed on insects.

Because the undersides of their flat toes are covered with hundreds of microscopic hairs that catch at even the tiniest of irregularities, geckos are able to scale almost any surface, including glass, which is why you usually see them in strange, gravity defying positions. The largest and most vociferous gecko is know as the 'tokay' in Thai, named after the disconcertingly loud sound it makes. Tokays can grow up to an alarming 35cm, but are welcomed by most householders, as they devour insects and mince; Thais also consider it auspicious is a baby is born within earshot of a crowing tokay.

geckoThe Tokay is also considered the "pitbull" of the Gecko world due to the fact that when they bite, they often won't let go for a few minutes and rarely up to an hour or more, and generally difficult to remove without causing harm to the Gecko. One way of getting a Tokay to release its hold is to submerge the animal in water or settle it down, which will encourage the lizard to let go, without causing it any harm or undue stress. A less stressful method is to simply put a drop of vinegar on the gecko's nose. This is sometimes enough to get them to let go.

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