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Thailand – Learn to Dive: Taking the first plunge

divingThere are many places to learn how to dive across South East Asia but many people choose South Thailand; the tropical islands are popular favourites among backpackers from all over the world who want to try dining for the first time. The water is clear, warm and calm with very little current and home to many crazy critters and funky fish, making it perfect for beginners! Whether it's your first time or your fiftieth time, there's something limitless and exciting about cool stuff is all part of heading outside of your front door.

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Land Title Deeds

Rights of Possession

land_titleThere are two main types of land ownership in Thailand which I should explain. Firstly there is the right of possession, for example, land that has been used by a family for generations to the benefit of the land and they have possession rights of the land under the civil and commercial code. Such titles are Sor Kor 1, Tor Bor 5, 6 or Sor Por Gor 4. These titles basically are only family possession rights and generally only used for farming. These titles can not be bought or sold and no building rights or legal acts would be allowed on the land. I do know of cases where families being in possession of certain pieces of land for generations have been able to upgrade them to regular land title deeds but this is not generally the case and any serious investor would not normally give any credibility to these titles of possession.

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Consumer Protection in Thailand

consumer_Many people while they are on holiday will buy products in Thailand to take back home with them. Here are some pointers about what to look out for terms of your rights if you buy faulty or substandard product and want to get a replacement or your money back. Remember that if you negotiate a price at a stall or corner shop and you don't have a receipt getting your money back will be difficult.

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The Gecko in Thailand

thai_geckoWhether you're staying on a beach or in a town, chances are you'll be sharing your room with a few geckos (even in my room). These pale green tropical lizards, which are completely harmless to humans and usually measure a cute four to ten centimeters in length, mostly appear at night, high up on walls and ceilings, where they feed on insects.

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Koh Samui - 9.5%
Koh Phi Phi - 4.5%
Phuket - 16.6%

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