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Phone and Fax in Thailand

phone_and_faxBy and large the Thai phone system works well. Coin pay phones are straight forward enough and generally come into varieties: red or pale blue for local calls, blue or stainless steel for local or long-distance calls within Thailand. Red and pale blue phones take the small 1 baht coins and will give you about 3 minutes per 1 baht,while blue and stainless steel ones gobble up 1 baht, 5 baht and 10 baht coins (inter-provincial rates vary between 3 baht and 12 baht/minute/distance, and work out to be surprisingly pricey).

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Choosing a Reliable Agent

money-houseWhether you choose to live in a gated development, purchase a stand-alone home, or for the even more adventurous, buy a piece of raw land on which to build your future dream house, you will be in need of the services of a good real estate agent. Choosing the right agent is essential as a reputable firm with good local contacts can help you avoid many of the pitfalls that a less informed buyer might encounter.

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Get your VAT Refund

tax-freeYou went shopping in Thailand and and you bought presents and souvenirs...a camera or a computer...Dont forget to get back your tax and so to save up on the final price of your purchase.

Allow yourself adequate time at the airport for the refund process. If you request for refund by bank draft or credit into your credit card account and receive no response within an appropriate time.

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Advice Staying Safe on Koh Samui


Born therefore, like so many other resorts of backpacker's private discoveries, Koh Samui forty years on boasts a network of roads, an entire tourism infrastructure and hourly flights landing at the picturesque airport. If purists might lament this transformation, the island nonetheless retains much of its magic and international tourism has done little so far to mar the intrinsic tropical beauty.

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Make cheap call from / to Thailand

cheap_callsFor International direct-dial (IDD) phone calls, there are three time periods with different rates. The most expensive, or standard, time to call is from 7am to 9pm (20 percent discount on Sundays); the economy period runs from 9pm to midnight and 5am to 7am; the reduced rate applies between midnight and 5am.

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My favorite beaches In Thailand

meThailand has some of the world's most incredible beaches. Whether you're in the Andaman Sea on Thailand's Indian Ocean coast or the South China Sea on the Pacific side of Thailand, opportunities abound to play in the sand, snorkel, swim, dive and sun bathe (perhaps in the buff in a few locations). There are other things to do in Thailand, but the country's beaches are a huge attraction for foreign tourists.

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Tips for starting a new business in Thailand

starting_new_businessAre you planning to start your own business for the first time in Thailand? If so, I hope this useful information will help you put your business on the right track. The simplest and easiest sort of company for foreigners to form with a small business is a Thai Limited Company. In Thailand, a Limited Company is a company with up to 100 shareholders, who share the same business purpose and is formed with a Capital divided into legal equal shares.

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Where do you like to go in Thailand?

Chiang Mai - 19.1%
Sukhothai - 4%
Ayutthaya - 3%
Pattaya - 30.2%
Hua Hin - 13.1%
Koh Samui - 9.5%
Koh Phi Phi - 4.5%
Phuket - 16.6%

Total votes: 199
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