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Thai food recipes

thai_ingredientsHello everyone, this is one of my favorite page of my website. I love to eat and love to cook, I think that you will love Thai food also, that's way I created this page for you and you can learn how to cook Thai food by yourself even you are not in Thailand. If you would like to know any menu or recipes, please contact me and I will give you all information. As soon as I wish to make the Thai food cooking video on my website, I think that it will be easier for you to follow me cooking Thai food, Enjoy Cooking Thai food Laughing
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Recipe Gang Panang

gang_panangGang Panang is one of the famous Thai curries. This dish has a rich creamy sauce thickened by coconut milk. You can purchase the curry pastes in most large supermarkets back home, or why not take some home with you as a souvenir of your holiday in Thailand...

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 Thai Sea Perch Steamed in Lime Garlic Sauce - Pla Neung Manao Prik Sod

pla-neung-manaoThis is a Thai fish recipe called Pla Neung Manao (Thai Sea Perch Steamed in Lime Garlic Sauce) which is a Thai fish steamed with chili and lime. We used Sea Perch as our Thai fish but you can use any similar fish. One of the benefits of living in Thailand is that not only can you buy really fresh vegetables but can also find a great variety of fresh fish at extremely low prices. Among Thai people, this is one of the most popular Thai fish recipes because of the fantastic mixture of spicy and sour flavours.

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salted-egg-spicy-saladThis salad was inspired by a meal I had with my boyfriend and we always eat with rice soup. Almost of Thai people love this menu and you can ordering in most of every restaurant around Thailand, price of this dishes around 40-50 Baht. But also if you like to cook in your home, it can be easy and tasty alsoWink. Here is all the recipies for Yum Kai Kem... Let's do it!!

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Softshell crab pong kari - Pu Pad Pong Kari

pooToday, I am glad to present you the Thai dish with the aroma of powder curry. We call " Pu Pad Pong Kari ", You will get a little of sweet test and aroma of the powder curry.

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Thai Spicy Grill Pork Salad (NamTok-Moo)

nam-tok-mooThai people enjoy to spend their free time with their families or with friends. Mostly on weekends with nice weather, a real migration of people heads on to the countless waterfalls of the country. Packed with baskets, with the finest Thai specialities and a few bottles of beer or Whiskey, they are searching for a nice place to spend the day. My Thai recipe: Moo Nam TokSpicy Thai salad with barbecued pork is one of the most liked dishes, which Thai people eat at the waterfalls. Maybe the strange name of this mouthwatering Thai salad leads to that, because “Moo Nam Tok” is translated as “waterfall pork”. Foreigners (Farangs) meant however the name would come from the tears, which will shoot from Your eyes, like a waterfall, because of the fierceness of this very tasty salad from Thailand.

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Thai seafood spicy stir fry - Pad Cha Ta-lay

pad-cha-ta-laySeafood Spicy Stir-fry or Pad Cha Ta-lay in Thai. This Seafood Spicy Stir-frying is a great way to cook up a fabulous Thai dish quickly. These seafood spicy stir-fries are deliciously easy. Rich and succulent, but still marvellously healthy, these easy recipes make dinner into something special. And still have a great Thai taste...Enjoy !

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Thai steamed recipe "Ho Mok Pla"

ho_mok_plaHo Mok Pla is a rarity: a dish intended as an appetizer or snack. It is essentially a custard made from curried steamed fish. A non curried set of ingredients is include d as an "afterthought", though to avoid repetition. In Thailand this is steamed in little cups made from banana leaves, pinned together with tooth picks, but you could just as well use ramekin bowls. This popular Thai steamed recipe "Ho Mok Pla" Thai curries are delicious at the best of times but this one is one of my favourites. It is quite simple to prepare and takes very little cooking time also.

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