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Thai Dessert recipes

thai_dessertsSawasdee-kha, this is a new page of Thai Dessert recipes, I've created thsi page just a few days ago because I have inspiration from Thai Food recipes and I think Why Not? If I will creat one more page about Thai Desserts, and also I love to eat it and I think that you will love to eat and to cook also, that's give me an idea for this page. If you need any Thai dessert recipes, please contact me, and I will find out for you...feel free to talk to me like talk to one of your friend... Enjoy Thai desserts cooking at your homeLaughing.

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Ta-Ko Haew,Ta-Ko cow pord (Water Chestnut or corn And Coconut Custard Topping)

ta-koToday I would like to present one of my favorit Thai dessert "Khanom Ta-Ko" (Water Chestnut or corn And Coconut Custard Topping). One of delicious Thai dessert in Thailand, and you also can make it at your home, it's can be you hobby avocation and you'll enjoy to make. I'm sure that you'll love this Thai dessert like me and you'll love to do one more time...Wink

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Khanom Tan-ขนมตาล

khanom-taanThe fruit from toddy palms can also be eaten and are rich in vitamins A and C, and can be eaten as young fruits, which are soft and juicy and somewhat like lychees but milder and with no pit, or old fruits, which are harder and less juicy. It is this toddy palm pulp that these cakes are made of, along with rice flour, yeast, palm sugar, coconut cream and coconut milk. Toddy Palm Cake they're kind of like sponge cake, a little sweet and different tasting than regular sugar. Enjoy ka!

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Khanom chan

khanom-chanKhanom chan is an ancient, nine-layered Thai dessert that is used during a variety of auspicious ceremonies and is considered a blessing presaging a happy and prosperous life. In addition, as a dish kanom chan is sweet and fragrant and suitable both as a dessert and as an informal snack.

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Khanom krok

khanom-krokAnother one of my favourite street food snacks has to be khanom krok. This can be loosely translated into English as Coconut Pudding. It is basically a mixture of flour batter and coconut cream cooked in a pan over a charcoal fire. You can find them in most places around Thailand with the same basic recipe.

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Bua Loi (บัวลอย - Thai Rice Balls in Coconut Milk)

bua-loiUsually Thai desserts are served cold, but this one is unique as it is meant to be served warm. Very fragrant and easy to make.

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Khanom Mor Gaeng – ขนมหม้อแกง

khanom-moh-gaengThis Custard Dessert is quite famous in Thailand. Originally from Petchaburi, Khanom mor gaeng, is now widely available throughout the country. Usually sold in distinctive small metal trays as shown below, Khanom mor gaeng uses Mung Beans and Duck eggs to give this custard dessert its special flavour. Although there are several variations of this recipe, Khanom mor gaeng is always sweet and rich.

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Khanom Sangkaya Fak Thong (Pumpkin Custard)

sangkhayaOne of Thai sweet dessert that you will love. It would be "Pumpkin Custard". In Thai we called "Sangkaya Fak Thong". This is one of my favorite Thai dessert, I eat often and easy to cook, you should try and you will love it!!

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