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Ancient of Siam

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Ancient of Siam (Muang Boran)

boat_housesThrough symbolic architectural styles and fine arts, its various structures and natural surroundings are harmoniously unified, allowing visitors to witness the continuous flow of Thailand's history, culture, religion and art, as well as past and present customs and tradition of its people.

It's a place where Thais can perceive and recognize their roots and heritage, and overseas visitors can gain an insight into the Thai ways of life.

Ancient Siam is like an open book of history and an open door to the real Thailand. Here you will find numerous reproductions of palace halls, temples, stupas, stone sanctuaries and traditional houses. You can also visit several reconstructed historical buildings, authenticated communities with there inhabitants doing there daily chores and sample villages from all regions of the country.

housesWhat's more, these awe inspiring historical and cultural symbols have been further enhanced by their surrounding, specially created and subtly merged, to reflect a social and cultural atmosphere of the past. New creations such as the Sumeru Mountains, the statue of the Goddness of Mercy, Kuan Yin, and the garden of the Gods have also been incorporated to convey the cultural and religious beliefs of people in these ancient communities.

If you want to take your car in then it will cost you 300 baht. If you don't have your own car, you can rent bicycles for 50 baht, golf carts for 200-500 baht or join a tram tour for 100 baht. Some people walk around the park but it is really too big and too hot to go on foot. There are places to buy drinks around the park. A good place to eat are the restaurants at the floating market area.

siamCertainly, the one thing you must not miss is a visit to Ancient Siam. It will offer you in a nutshell most of what Thailand is all about past, present and future. You may consider a walk to explore all historical buildings, museums, monuments and the new creations full of amazing artistic details and great beauty. Or, if you wish, you may join an organized tour. Even with a modern comfortable vehicle, its will take you hours to do justice to every one of the some 116 spots of interest.

Getting to Ancient Siam

By Car or Taxi

  • Take the Express way as far as the Samrong-Samutprakarn Exit. Turn to Samutprakarn Intersection. Turn left along the Sukhumvit Road. (Towards Bangpoo) until you get to km.33 Ancient Siam is on the left.

By Bus

  • Take air-con bus No.511 (Southern Bus Terminal Paknam) to the of the line. From here, take the mini bus No..36 to Ancient Siam.

Open everyday from 08.00am-05.00pm.


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Samutprakarn 10280

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