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magazineThis section « magazine » include a bit like a real magazine, full of articles on various subjects. I’ll speak here of everything , like Thai recipes , travel tips and tricks, news of Thailand, politic, gossip or the best things to do in Thailand. Find all my articles regularly on this page!


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Khanom krok

khanom-krokAnother one of my favourite street food snacks has to be khanom krok. This can be loosely translated into English as Coconut Pudding. It is basically a mixture of flour batter and coconut cream cooked in a pan over a charcoal fire. You can find them in most places around Thailand with the same basic recipe.

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Advice Staying Safe on Koh Samui


Born therefore, like so many other resorts of backpacker's private discoveries, Koh Samui forty years on boasts a network of roads, an entire tourism infrastructure and hourly flights landing at the picturesque airport. If purists might lament this transformation, the island nonetheless retains much of its magic and international tourism has done little so far to mar the intrinsic tropical beauty.

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Ta-Ko Haew,Ta-Ko cow pord (Water Chestnut or corn And Coconut Custard Topping)

ta-koToday I would like to present one of my favorit Thai dessert "Khanom Ta-Ko" (Water Chestnut or corn And Coconut Custard Topping). One of delicious Thai dessert in Thailand, and you also can make it at your home, it's can be you hobby avocation and you'll enjoy to make. I'm sure that you'll love this Thai dessert like me and you'll love to do one more time...Wink

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New exhilarating adventures at Namuang Safari Park in Koh Samui

elephant_trekkingNamuang Safari Park, on the southern side of Koh Samui about 30 minutes from the airport and a few kilometers from Nathorn pier, has become a must-see tourist attraction. The 35-rai park has been an adventure destination since it started operation ten years ago with its now very popular elephant trek and crocodile show.


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Me under the Rain

me_under_the_rainMy first video on this magazine. It's me under the rain just in front of my room, for couple months ago was very very hot in Ubon Ratchathani and also across Thailand. I just ran out to the rain for have some fresh water was so good to get fresh even a little bit thunder but I do beware. I watched this video that's make me laugh a little bit and I want to shared it to you probably will make you small smile or small laugh. whatever you will like or not just add your comment please... Thanks, for watching.

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Thai rice steamed with chicken- Khao Man Gai

khao-man-gaiKhao Man Gai can be found anywhere in Thailand especially in it's capital city of Bangkok. You can find it prepared and cooked and eaten at the ends of seemingly vacant alley ways to the food courts of the poshest malls and major department stores in Bangkok. You can get this dish like 25-30 baht from many street vendors. I know what you might be saying. The words yummy tasty foods and food courts do not go hand in hand. But believe me, in Bangkok food courts are great places to sample some truly yummy Thai cuisine. Khao Man Gai is not exactly the national food of Thailand. The proof is in the legions of loyal customers/fans who are always eating at their favorite Khao Man Gai spots over and over again.

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Spring rolls

spring-rollsSpring rolls are a very popular appetizer, you can find them all around Asia. They are slightly different in each country. Thai spring rolls sometimes add ground pork, Chinese egg rolls have bamboo shoots in them, while the Vietnamese have fresh spring rolls. They're kind of addictive, when you start to eat them it's hard to stop. Your friends will ask you to make them again and again. A great appetizer for lunch or dinner, you can find them in fine dining establishments all around Thailand. Sometimes you can find at the street venders in the city, but rarely up country or in small villages.

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Food festival in Ubon Ratchathani - Thailand

UbonUbon Ratchathani is one of the biggest province in North-East of Thailand and it's where I live at this moment. A few days ago I went to a festival call ''aa-haan-thai-sii-pak'' that we can translate '' Thai food from the 4 regions in Thailand''.

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Make cheap call from / to Thailand

cheap_callsFor International direct-dial (IDD) phone calls, there are three time periods with different rates. The most expensive, or standard, time to call is from 7am to 9pm (20 percent discount on Sundays); the economy period runs from 9pm to midnight and 5am to 7am; the reduced rate applies between midnight and 5am.

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Spicy Shrimp Pate and Fried Macheral Fish

southern-foodI wonder how to create name in English for this menu. Such a long name, right? Thai name is "Num Prik KaPi/ Cha-Om Khai and Pla Tu Tod". They come in a set and serve together with steam white rice. Sometime also serve together with fresh vegetable or quick boiled vegetable. Fried Salted Mackerel Fish = Pla Tu Tod, Fried Acacia Omelet = Cha-Om Khai, Spicy shrimp paste Sauce = Num Prik Kapi. This menu is very popular for local people and I believe lots of people love to eat "Num Prik Kapi". The pungent chilli/shrimp dipping sauce may take a little getting used to for Western palates. Make sure you have a very good shrimp paste (gkabpi) for this recipe.

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