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photo-of-my-profileMy name: Varaporn  family name: Udomsri

My nickname: Aoy, it mean “Sugar cane”.

My birthday: Wednesday 18 Apirl  1984

My age: 26 years old.

My nationallity: Thai

My education: Senior high school.

My weight: 48 kgs.

My height: 160 cm.

My family: I have 1 younger sister,she's 23 years old and she's working in Ko Samui. My dad from Chumphon, South of Thailand but now he's live with my mom in Ubon ratchathani, North-East of Thailand and they has small chicken farm at home. It's my parents's dream.

My job: I was working for tourism many years and now I'm (try) become the Webmaster.

My hobby: I love to play game,swimming,reading and cooking.

My favorite games: Banyard Farm, Kitchen Brigade, Rasident Evil, Svetlograd, Zuma, Butterfly Escape and Sparkle all of this games I can play all the night.

My interest: I'm interest of Language, English and French.

My favorite singers: Akon, Tracy Chapman, Cara Bruni, Jack Jhonson.

My favorite movie: Into the Wild (I really do love this movie)

My favorite Thai food: Spicy papaya salad, it not only my favorite Thai dishes also for Thai people of every parts in Thailand and can be your favorite Thai dishes too.

My favorite Western food: Grilled chicken with wild mushroom, Terrine and Tona Nicoise all the Western foods are also great, I love it.

My best friend: After high school I have not much friend because all of my friends moved to different places but I still have one friend. Her name is Aum,she live near my home in Ubon Ratchathani and she also want to work for tourism like me. She learning English Language right now.

My pet: I has the dogs but my parents take care of them and I goes to visit them sometime at my home and I must to bring a lot of snack for them each time I goes.

My favorite place in Thailand: I have no favorite place in Thailand because everywhere I went it's different feeling. I love Chiang Mai with traditional culture and beautiful view with the mountains, I also love the South of Thailand it's beautiful beaches with sunny, well every places in Thailand or another country it's beautiful of itself.

This is some story of my profile about me. I make this website for give you about information of Thailand and I want people shared an idea or everything you know more about Thailand. I have been working for tourism information many years in Thailand like Bangkok,Chiang Mai,Ko Tao,Ko Phi Phi. I met a lot of people around the world come to visit or travel in my country and why not if I will shared a bit of knowledge about Thailand to people around the world by my website. I try my best for English language because I'm not speak or write so well but I'm keep learning. I hope you will mind. If you have any question about Thailand, etc... Let me all your question and I will find out for you.

I hope this latest information has given your some better thoughts about what to do and where to visit and where to stay in Thailand. Thailand is a big country and has plenty of cultural, natural, adventurous and relaxing experiences to offer but new as traditional ones.

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