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Weather and season in Thailand

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Weather and Season in Thailand

weather_in_thailandIn most of Thailand the weather are hot. Generally very hot, particularly between March to May. The monsoon season runs from May to October, When the climate is still hot and humid with torrential rains. And some year rain is coming on April for a few days and after on May to October is the rain season.

The best time for travelling is November to February (cool season), although the southern islands are best from June to September. But some year in Thailand it's can change for every season, rain season can be earlier on April and it's can be longer than October but just a few days of the month,like this year from November until January it's not very cold in the North East of Thailand but in the North is colder than everywhere in Thailand. In day time is warmer than night time. If you have your plan to visit Thailand anytime as you want, just contact me and I fine out all the information you looking for.

centralCentral of Thailand

3 including a summer season beginning in March from February to April.
And rain during the months from May to October.
The winter months are from November to January.


northNorth of Thailand

3 including a summer season starts in March-April.
Rainy season since May to October and the winter months from November to February.
Relatively cold weather. 

eastNorth East of Thailand

3 including a summer season beginning in March from February to April. Hot and dry weather will be held in the rainy season starts from May to October. More rainfall and the flooding conditions in some areas of the region and in the winter months from November to January. Cold winter weather and drought.


southSouth of Thailand

Only 2 seasons is the rainy season to summer. (A winter tourism) by the east coast. Summer from May to September the Andaman Sea. Summer months from November to April.


When To Come ?

Should you visit Thailand during the rainy season?

The answer is, maybe surprisingly, a qualified ‘yes’. There are very large benefits in visiting during the rainy season:

  1. Hotel prices will be less than half the high season prices.
  2. Beaches and other tourist attractions that are over-crowded in high season will be pleasantly deserted.

So, if you are coming in the rainy season, don’t come for just a week, as if you do your holiday may be ruined by rainfall. Coming for more than a week, however, is a thoroughly good idea if you avoid the wettest month of May, as you will have the pick of the best resorts, and the run of the best beach and other attractions.

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