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Alcoholic drinks

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Alcoholic drinks

beer_singhaBeer (bia) is one of the few consumer items in Thailand that's not a bargain due to the heavy taxes levied on the beverage at around 60 Baht for 330 ml bottle it works out roughly the same as what you'd pay in the West (larger, 660 ml bottles, when available, are always slightly better value). The most famous beer is the slightly acrid locally brewed Singha, but Kloster, which is also brewed by Boon Rawd and costs about 5-10 Baht more then Singha, is easier on the tongue.

Some places also stock a lighter version of Singha called Singha Gold, as well as two stronger, cheaper beers by the same brewery, Beer Thai and the slightly maltier Leo. Carlsberg and Heineken are now brewed and widely found in Thailand and in the most touristy areas you'll find imported bottles from all over the world, even Corona. Carlberg also produces locally the ubiquitous Chang, usually the cheapest beer available with a head-banging 7% alcohol content.

thai_whiskyAt about 60 Baht for a hip-flask-sized 375 ml bottle, the local whisky is a lot better value and nothing of consuming a bottle a night. The most palatable and widely available of this Mekong, which is very pleasant once you've stopped expecting it to taste like Scotch; distilled from rice, Mekong is 35% proof, deep gold in color and tastes slightly sweet. If that's not to your taste, a pricier Thai rum is also available, Sang Thip, made from sugar cane, and even stronger than the whisky at 40% proof. Check the menu carefully when ordering a bottle of Mekong from a bar in a tourist area, as they often ask up to five times more than you'd pay in a guest house or shop.

thai_wineWine attracts even higher taxation than beer. It's now found on plenty of upmarket and tourist-oriented restaurant menus but expect to be disappointed both by the quality and by the price. Thai wine is now produced at several vineyards, notably at Château de Loei near Phu Reua National Park in the northeast, which produces quiet tasty reds, whites, a rosé, a dessert wine and brandy.

You can buy beer and whisky in food stores but they have limited time for buy for 7-11 started to sell from 11.00 am to 14.00 pm. And begin again at 17.00 pm. To 24.00 pm. Guest houses and most restaurants at any time of the day; bars aren't really an indigenous feature as Thais rarely drink out within eating, but you'll find a fair number of Western-style drinking holes in Bangkok and larger centres elsewhere in the country, ranging from ultra-hip haunts in the capital to basic, open-to-the-elements ''bar-beers''.

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