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Koh Samui

koh-samuiKoh Samui is one of Thailand's most popular islands and its third-largest. It's also part of an archipelago that includes 80 smaller islands, of which only six – Pha-Ngan, Ta Loy, Tao, Taen, Ma Ko and Ta Pao – are also inhabited. Samui's first settlers were islanders from Hainan Island (now part of the People's Republic of China) who took up coconut farming here around 150 years ago. You can still see a map of Hainan on the saan jao (Chinese spirit shrine) near Siam City Bank in Na Thon, the oldest town on the island.

Surat Thani Province

mae-nam-tapiThe area of Surat Thani was already inhabited in prehistoric times by Semang and Malayan tribes. Founded in the 3rd century, until the 13th century the Srivijaya kingdom dominated the Malay Peninsula. The city Chaiya contains several ruins from Srivijaya times, and was probably a regional capital of the kingdom. Some Thai historians even claim that it was the capital of the kingdom itself for some time, but this is generally disputed. Wiang Sa was another main settlement of that time.

Getting Around Phuket City

songthaewGetting around Phuket is easy enough. There are plenty of transport options but Phuket does have a reputation in Thailand for having the most expensive transport system in the country. However, for visitors from the west the transport costs will still seem reasonable. For many people, the trip from the airport is their first experience of transport in Phuket. Unfortunately it is often a bad experience. There are two companies that pay for the concession to run the taxi service from the airport. And of course that means they charge extra to their passengers. Their cheapest option is a shared minibus which will cost 100-200 baht. This will take longer than a taxi as they wait until they have sold all the seats before they leave and it will then go around the hotels of every passenger. An air-con taxi (they call a limousine) to Patong will cost around 550 baht.

The Top Ten Restaurants in Koh Chang

dinner-setAs the island develops into a major tourist destination the number of quality restaurants and bars is increasing rapidly. This article features some of the best restaurants and bars on the island. I hope you will enjoy them with the BEST TOP TEN Restaurants in Koh Chang... Enjoy your food and your vacation...!

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